Motion Design
Video Editing

The Stone and the Sea

Personal Project / 2020

"Jingwei Tries to Fill the Sea" is a popular myth in Chinese mythology. It tells the story of a girl who drowned in the Eastern Sea and transformed into a bird named Jingwei. Determined to prevent others from meeting the same fate, Jingwei tirelessly carries stones or twigs in her mouth, attempting to fill the sea. Building upon this narrative, I extended the story from the perspective of a small stone forgotten by Jingwei. Stranded on a mountain, the stone aspires to contribute to the reclamation and sets out to find the sea that Jingwei is filling. However, upon reaching the shore, it realizes that the sea is endless and cannot be filled.

Using Photoshop, I transformed and combined the collage elements from various sources such as medieval European scriptures, Indian and Islamic miniatures, and Dunhuang murals. These elements were then animated in After Effects, and edited alongside footage, music, and sound effects in Premiere Pro.

The approach to collecting these collage elements mirrors Jingwei's collection of stones. By integrating diverse cultures into my artwork, I aim to convey the romantic and melancholic spirit of ancient Chinese legends. Moths drawn to the flame, stones filling the sea—these endeavors are praiseworthy, surpassing those who surrender.

After Effect / Premiere Pro / Photoshop

Collage Board​​​​​​​